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Chas. Morrill Manufacturers Of Liquid Soap Dispensers, Nail Pullers, Box Openers, Seal Presses, Bench Stops, Saw Sets, Punches. Trade Catalog and Billhead

Billhead: CHAS. MORRILL, MANUFACTURER OF LIQUID SOAP DISPENSERS, NAIL PULLERS, BOX OPENERS, SEAL PRESSES, BENCH STOPS, SAW SETS, PUNCHES. 100 Lafayette St. New York. Oct. 8, 1913. How's that for variety in manufacturing? Perhaps best known for his saw sets, Mr. Morrill obviously believed in diversification of his product line. Sold to Myers Hardware, Lexington, Va.


Trade Catalog: Morrill Product line,c1912 including saw sets and soap dispensers.

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Miller Falls Company Catalogue "B", 1904, Catalogue "H" c1912


Millers Falls issued a series of pocket catalogues that are simply cute to behold, apart from superb graphics of rare and unusual items. Read it and drool. Contributed by Randy Roeder of the Oldtools eMail List, owner of A Millers Falls Home Page.

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Trade Catalog: Millers Falls Catalog H, c1912.

One of the small format catalogs which, as attested to by Millers Falls expert, Randy Roeder, is actually a mini-version of Catalog 32. Brett Rochette, many many months ago, asked if I would scan this catalog. He had found it in a toolbox, fairly well sodden with machine oil. On arrival, it was clear that oil had won. Mold had begun to set in on the rear cover and pages, almost all of the pages were nearly transparent with oil and the two stapes rusted through. I froze the catalog to halt the mold growth, after which I inter-layered the pages with absorbent paper to sop up oil and removed the staples. Still fragile, but now scannable, here is the PDF of this catalog, done in grayscale to minimize the oil staining

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Richard Melhuish Ltd. Woodworkers Tools And Machines Catalogue no. 25 1925


A super catalog, or catalogue if you prefer, of one the great tool houses of Great Britain. Everything the professional shop would need in the way of tools, supplies, machinery, &c, &c, The finest of British and American tools and machinery are represented in these pages. Included are two inserts, one for Irwin bits and one for the BevelMaster sharpening attachment.

Contributed by Joe Parker of the Oldtools eMail list. (28 MB)

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Sand Paper: Matthewman & Lewis 1868 Handbill

Handbill: SAND PAPER. MATTHEWMAN & LEWIS, 225 STATE STREET, NEW HAVEN, AGENTS FOR THE NEW ENGLAND IMPROVED FLINT PAPER. OCTOBER 15TH, 1868. Fascinating handbill that was sent along with a product sample. Sold by the ream. "Give it a trial, and we doubt not you will order again." What better prose could you ask for when marketing a product?


Luther's Tool Grinders, Luther Grinder Mfg. Co. 1920 Trade Catalog

Trade Catalog: LUTHER'S TOOL GRINDERS. LUTHER GRINDER MFG. CO., MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, U.S.A. c1920. Featuring one of the best catalog covers ever, this small catalog is a perfect example of one company's use of paper advertising to tell the world that they had moved into the modern machine age. Great Arte Deco design. Take a close look and you can see the sparks flying from the grinding wheel. Quite a cover for something so mundane as a grinder.

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Kennedy & Bragaw: English And American Hardware. Plane Makers

Kennedy & Bragaw: English and American Hardware, 203 Main Street, Hartford, Ct, July 1st, 1845.

This firm was in business from 1844-1846. Before the advent of bound catalogs, merchants marketed their goods through sheet listings such as this one. Easily folded for mailing, in this early case as a stampless letter, the listing doubled as a format for personal correspondence between the seller and the prospective buyer.

At the bottom of the sheet is a note: "Joiners Planes of our own Manufacture". The proprietors in question were Leonard Kennedy, Jr. and Isaac Bragaw. To my knowledge, no imprint has been recorded. If you have a plane marked by this merchant partnership, please come forward."

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James Kellogg, Plane Maker Price List and Correspondence

James Kellogg, Plane Maker: Price List and Correspondence. Courtesy of Roger K. Smith, are two pieces of history from James Kellogg, the famous plane maker. The first is a stampless letter from Mr. Kellogg to Mr. H. Foster, agent for Mr. J. Daniel, concerning discount terms on an order of planes. The second is a photocopy of an early and unique Kellogg price list. While Roger does not remember from where he originally received the price list copy, if memory serves me right, I believe this is a photocopy of a Kellogg price list that was sold at a Spicer Auction in Rhode Island.

These two unique pieces of ephemera are offered in PDF format for easier reading

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W. A. Ives Mfg. Co. Mephisto Auger Bits

Envelope: IVES MFG CO., MEPHISTO AUGER BITS. Jan. 7, 1913. "It looks as if it would bore, doesn't it?". I'm not sure what this small envelope was meant for. My best guess is contained some product information. It's a bit too small for use as a mailing envelope, but an envelope it is. Any guesses?