Eagle Square Mfg. Co. Billhead 1912

Billhead: EAGLE SQUARE MFG. CO. MANUFACTURERS OF CARPENTERS' SQUARES AND BORING MACHINES. South Shaftsbury, Vt., May 4th, 1912. Estimate from F. L. Mattison for filing a saw. This billhead notes "House building materials and brush handles of all kinds" are sold in addition to their well known carpenters squares.

From the University Of Vermont: Eagle Square Manufacturing Company Records, Special Collections, University of Vermont Library.


Douglass Mfg Co 1873, Handbill

Trade Flyer: MECHANICS' TOOLS MANUFACTURED BY DOUGLASS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, ALSO, EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTURERS OF COOK'S PATENT BORING IMPLEMENTS. Warehouse, 45 & 47 Chanbers Street, New York. May 1st, 1873. Not really a catalog, this four page flyer was apparently mailed to holders of the catalog in an attempt to clarify misrepresentations by other manufacturers. As a result, in four pages there is a concise and complete review of the full line of tools manufactured by the Douglass Mfg. Co.

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Henry Disston & Sons: Hand Saws

Envelope: HENRY DISSTON & SONS INCORPORATED OF WASHINGTON, 144 SECOND STREET, SAN FANCISCO, CALIF. 1931. To: The Norton Company, Worcester, Mass. Obviously the Norton Company was possessed of discernment when it came to selecting their tools.


Packaging: Tag: MECHANICS PRICE LIST. DISSTON HAND SAWS. KEYSTONE SAWS MADE BY DISSTON. c1950. Now you know what they cost a few years back. This is a cute tag most likely from a Disston Hand Saw. Go ahead and drool.


Letterhead: HENRY DISSTON & SONS, Keystone Saw, Tool, Steel and File Works. Philadelphia, PA Dec 2, 1889. A letterhead to the Tell City Bank,Tell City, Indiana concerning a draft from the Tell City Planing Mill Co. to Disston. Signed, Yours Truly, (Henry Disston & Sons stamp), Senior. I wonder which Disston that was?


Booklet: HOW A DISSTON HAND SAW IS MADE. 1922. Nice coverage of the mechanical and hand processes involved in the manufacture of Disston Hand Saws.

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Booklet: THE HAND-SAW. How To Use It, How To Choose It, and How To Keep It. Being a series of practical hints to Practical Mechanics. By One Who Knoweth Whereof He Speaketh. Henry Disston & Sons, Keystone Saw, Tool, Steel and File Works, Front and Laurel Streets, Philadelphia, Penna. Presented by William H. Hankins. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1875, by Henry Disston & Sons, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. This small catalog was likely made for distribution at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition, judging by the publication date and the announcement of the introduction of the Centennial No. 76 saw.

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Letterhead: Henry Disston : Correspondence with Signatures. 1865-1892. A variety of peronal letters, with signatures. Compiled from photocopies of the originals in the collection of Roger K. Smith.

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RSmith-Disston008 copy

Educational Poster: Disston Handsaw Poster : How to use for crosscutting and ripping. c1950?: From the source, how and why to use handsaws (Disston, of course) for the two basic sawing operations - crosscutting and ripping. Courtesy of Mike Siemsen's School of Woodworking.

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Copeland & Co. Planemakers 1856: Correspondence

Copeland & Co. Plane Manufacturers 1856: Courtesy of the D'Elia Tool Museum is this correspondence between Copeland & Co., Plane Manufacturers and the Providence Tool Company. Dated March 7 and March 16, 1856, it appears that cash flow problems were as common in the 19th Century as they are today.

RSmith-Copeland005 copy


John Conger Cast Steel Edge Tools 1819: Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement: JOHN CONGER. Cast Steel Edge Tools. The National Advocate. New York, Tuesday Morning, April 13, 1819. No. 1928. Vol. VII. "Cast Steel Edge Tools; The subscriber respectfully informs his friends (sic) and the public...and he humbly solicits the aid of all who may feel themselves willing to encourage a new beginner... John Conger."


Joseph Clark, Plane Maker 1816: Price List


This fascinating price list from an early 19th Century British planemaker comes to us courtesy of the Tyne & Wear Archives Service. Found through the A2A (Access to Archives) site, the Tyne & Weare Archives Service was kind enough to arrange for a copy of this microfilm. Paul 'Bugbear' Womack stepped in to arrange for the funds for the copy. Unfortunately, Tyne & Weare are not set up for international funds.

The original of this price list was donated by a local gentleman, who unfortunately can no longer be located. The microfilm copy is, as they often are, less than distinct. I worked some Photoshop magic to produce a variety of versions, from which I managed to transcribe most of the price list. .

NOTE: This document is provided for the purposes of research and education, courtesy of the Tyne & Weare Archives Service. The original may not be reproduced.


This price list is presented as the original microfilm image and as a transcription

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Hermon Chapin and Family


His personal, signed copy of - The Cabinet Of Arts, or General Instructor in Arts, Science, Trade, Practical Machinery, The Means of Preserving Human Life and Political Economy, embracing A Variety of Important Subjects. By Hewson Clarke, Esq., of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and John Dugall, A. M. London... 1817. Sorry folks, what you see here is not the entire book. It's 300 plus pages and in very fragile condition, as you can see from the title, frontispiece and signature pages. Someday when I am wealthy I'll have the book fully restored.

The story behind the book. One Brimfield, just as we entered Heart of The Mart, Amy stepped into a booth full of Stuff and Books. She picked out a few likely prospects and handed them to me to review. The price was right at $10 each, so we took them and hit the field. When we returned home, I reviewed the days finds. This book turned out to be fairly rare and valuable in it's own right, though in need of conservation. I turned to the fore-leaf and spotted a signature, not at all unusual in books of this time period. "The Property of Hermon Chapin, Hartford, Con (sic), May 12th 1826" While it would be wonderful to say that I also found his personal notes in the book, nary a one could be found. Apparently Hermon took very good care of his books and did not besmirch them with annotations.


Trade Card: CHAPIN'S SOLID CHERRY LEVEL.; 12 inch polished cherry level with handsome nickel plated top plate. No. 100. Packed one dozen in pasteboard box. Write For Prices. The H. Chapin's Son, Co., Pine Meadow, Conn. c?. Not really a trade card, but of the same size. Most likely a sales hand-out to hardware dealers.


Billhead: H. CHAPIN'S SON COMPY. Manufacturers of Rules, Planes, Etc. Pine Meadow, Conn. Established 1826 y H. Chapin. 1860 H. Chapin's Son (E. M. Chapin) Successor. April 25, 1900 (printed with a date of 189 _, crossed out, 1900 added).  Very high Victorian florid graphics along with some interesting historical features of the development of this famous company.


Billhead: THE CHAPIN-STEPHENS CO., V. P. Humason, Agent. Manufacturers of Rules, Planes. Levels, Etc.: 80 Chambers Street, New York: May 7, 1902. Sold to: Ira Edwards, Holley, NY. Rules, Level Glasses, Plumb Levels. Ira Edwards owned a hardware store in Holley, NY, held numerous mortgages for local people and was a New York State Assemblyman. Dennis Heza, Gary Katsanes and Gary Roberts of the Oldtools eMail list have assembled information regarding Mr. Edwards. This information will be organized and added to this site in the near future.


Letterhead: H. CHAPIN'S SONS COMPY. MANUFACTURERS OF RULES, PLANES, ETC. Pine Meadow, Conn., Oct. 21, 1911, Receipt to R. R. Carter & Co. Curiously, the receipt notes: Established 1826, Succeeded in 1897 by The H. Chapin's Son Compy. Apparently they did not feel the need to point out from whom they had succeeded.