E. M. Boynton Improved Patent Lightning Saws 1872: Trade Catalog
Hermon Chapin and Family

The Brades Steel Works, William Hunt &Sons 1941: Trade Catalog

Catalog: William Hunt & Sons, The Brades Steel Works Ltd., Near Birmingham, offices, London England, 1941.

Courtesy of Alisdair Dowson comes this catalogue of iron and steel goods made for the British Trade as well as for export, worldwide. Primarily a price list, there are names in here that I have never heard of, terms that bend my ability to speak English and most of all, a smiley face that predates :-)

Of particular interest is the page of registered trade marks. Here you'll find the array of trademarks used by William Hunt & Sons, The Brades Steel Works. Some are familiar to me but most are new.

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